We have some news;

We started Feverish because we wanted to help new artists make a big impression early on in their careers. We believe that great music deserves a dedicated community, and we want to help new acts build that community from the ground up. We want our company to always put the act first – and if you ask us, the traditional sense of a record label doesn’t really do that. Our belief is that you do not need a record label in the music industry of today. It’s fair to think that we might be interpreting this wrong, but that’s just how we feel. 

Therefore Feverish will no longer act as a label. At least not in the traditional sense. That means that we will no longer be co-owning any of the music that we work with. Our artists will have full ownership of their music again. It also means that we can keep helping artists develop their careers without having to compromise or go against our beliefs. Our contracts make sure that everyone involved keep their flexibility and creative freedom, but still get fairly compensated for their efforts – as it should be. 

As of August 2020, we want to make these promises to all of our current and future artists:

- You’re the owner of your music
- We will always follow your vision
- We work for you, not the other way around
- All information regarding your music will be shared with you
- You’ll never be stuck with us
- We will always do our best