Get to know us :-)

We are Ebba and Michel.

Feverish was born as a result of having done most of the behind-the-scenes work for our own band. Everything from producing visuals and designing merchandise to the more boots on the ground-work such as promotion and booking shows. The rush of building a fan base and creating a visual universe around the music was something we became rather obsessed with.

In the summer of 2018 a friend of ours went on a Tinder date with a very talented musician which we had never heard of. “You two will like this” he said, and we ended up liking it so much that we hooked her up with a team, created a majestic music video and landed a premiere on The Line Of Best Fit for her first single. 

“Let’s do this again”, we said ━ and so we did.

Today we’re a trio of dedicated nerds working hard to get new music heard by the masses in all-new ways. We build campaigns that have visual impact and long lasting storytelling for the ones who crave something different. You should give a damn in this business and there are not nearly enough people who do. 
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