Ebba Gustafsson Ågren is not a stranger to the indie scene. In 2016 her band Wy debuted with their single ‘In Bloom’ and garnered a substantial following while putting out 2 full length albums which has been praised by critics worldwide. Cuntrie is her first endeavour as a solo artist and in some ways it feels like an obvious expansion of her creative empire.

“I’ve wanted to challenge myself in terms of producing and writing for a while now and this is the result of that.” She explains about going solo. This new material is fun and quirky in a refreshing way but still holds onto some of the Wy-esque features that have made her one of the standout figures in the Swedish indie scene.

Latest release

After releasing the singles ‘The Singer’, ‘Spider’ and ‘Oh Boy’, Cuntrie blessed our auditory canals with her 4-track debut EP ‘Scrapbooking’. Once again we’re invited to the sincere and yet so playful world in which Cuntrie laborates in. On the EP she mixes minimalistic drum machines with lyrics about both overcoming fobias and the big hole the death of a tiny hamster can leave.

“Cuntrie’s debut single The Singer finds Sweden’s Ebba Ågren connecting as she does best on a raw, intimate, and stirring level of musicality.” - Atwood Magazine

Agent ━

Michel G. Ågren

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