Elsa Carmona

Elsa Carmona made her first song when she was 7 years old. She was born in Barcelona and came to Stockholm in her early years. Constantly being surrounded by music made songwriting feel like a natural part of her life.

Her music is a mysterious brew containing ingredients such as RnB, melancholia and samples. The recipe originates from many years of exploring to find her own sound, an inner journey that has taken place using Tarot reading and meditation while travelling back and forth between Madrid, Stockholm and Barcelona, preserving the feeling of being rootless. “I’m inspired by different places I’ve been to. I’ve never really felt that I belong anywhere.” she explains.

With a voice as clear as the energy crystals she owns, her music creates a mystique feeling that goes down through the ground and up to the stars.

Latest release

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Christoffer Zetterlund

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